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T & W Towing LLC started in a small two-bay shop on Main Street about five years ago. At that time, we offered light-duty vehicle repair and towing. Starting with a single one-ton wrecker and a pickup for service calls, we have grown into a 15 truck company with a much larger shop. This was only possible through hard work and great customer service. We have quit doing light duty auto repair completely, as we found we can offer much better service if we stick to one operation. Our continued growth is directly due to our great customer service, emphasis on giving back to the community, and our initiative to have the latest state-of-the-art trucks and equipment around.

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Professional Rotator Recovery

One of the premier ways that our tow truck company, T & W Towing LLC, can help you is through our rotator tow truck services. Rotator tow trucks are typically used for significant accidents where tractor-trailers and large trucks are involved. In addition, rotator tow trucks are able to lift loads that are well over thousands of pounds in weight. When you need a vehicle recovery from a freeway, our team at T & W Towing LLC has got you covered. It’s easy to give us a call and get the assistance that you need. Moreover, rotator tow trucks have the ability to winch vehicles or equipment back to the roadway safely, which is optimal for drivers who have a duty to perform.

Do You Need A Tow From A Ditch or Embankment?

Bad weather happens. Sleeting rain, hail, and slippery roads can cause a negative cumulative impact for drivers on the move. When your truck or vehicle has slipped into a ditch, you can always contact T & W Towing LLC for a winch out or vehicle recovery. With our wide range of heavy-duty vehicles, we can lift out motorcycles, sedans, trucks, and everything in between. Please feel free to contact us today for heavy-duty winchout services in Albert Lea, MN.

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