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When you need the best roadside assistance in Albert Lea, MN, you call our dispatch number, (507) 473-2999. Please review all of our services in order to understand how we can serve you best.

  • Rotator

    Rotators are extremely valuable in promoting safety, speed, and efficeinty in clearing wrecks, opening roadways, HD Lifting and a whole list of other functions.  Rotators are similar to a crane, with a multi stage boom, that can spin 360* rather than a normal HD Wrecker that you have to work off the rear of, a rotator allows our operators to operate in less space, and lift heavier loads.  Our rotator goes one step beyond that being equipped with 5 winches, including a side puller and a "drag" winch.  Our Rotator has winches just behind the cab, on the boom, as well as on the tail board of the truck allowing us to handle more unique situations without calling additional trucks to assist, effectively making our Rotator nearly as useful as 2-3 trucks and allowing us to only need to bring one truck in many instances.  Our unit is also equipped with a very long, skinny towing under reach designed specifically to not interfere with motorhomes, or buses low bumpers and to easily tow them.

  • HAZMAT Service Truck(s)

    These specialized trucks pull double duty at our facility, equipped with specialized sorbents, the ability to stop leaks with multiple pieces of specialized plugs and patches.  They are also equipped with flood lighting, most basic mechanical tools, chop saws, air fittings, Diesel Fuel Pumps, LED Traffic Message Board, Emergency Lighting, Emergency Signage, as well as a hitch to pull traffic equipment or our Air Cushion Recovery Trailer or HAZMAT Spill Containment Trailer.  At least one has a snow plow

  • Big D Dolly

    Specialized Dolly that allows us to not have to offload a trailer due to a burned or failed wheel bearing.  Utilizing this equipment we can simply lift the trailer up and set the wheels in the dolly and allow us to clear the roadway very quickly to bring the trailer to a safe place to perfom needed repairs safely.

  • Air Cushion Recovery

    Air Cushions allow minimal or no additonal damage during the recovery process

  • Excavator with Hydraulic Thumb and Blade

    Used in conjunction with our Winch Box on extreme off road recovery jobs this can aid in digging equipment out, anchoring to help pulling out stuck equipment, or to aid in burned casualty clean up if needed.  This unit is also used in our HAZMAT Clean-Up services

  • Winch Box and Tracked Skid Steer

    Using a winch box attachment on our Tracked Skid Steer allows us to go in the most unhospitable places, mud, snow, or any other condition and winch out any casualty

  • Tire Service Truck

    Equipped with all the needed Tools to repair, or replace tires on HD Trucks this unit has a large air compressor, and liftgate as well as a fuel tank with a long hose for out of fuel units.

  • 4 axle truck with "QuickSwap" tow unit.

    This Unit is designed to be able to tow anything from normal trucks to garbage trucks, or dump trucks etc.  If it is heavy, it can tow it.  This unit was made specifically to be able to tow anything, and do it both in style, and legally on axle weights.  This is one of the units we use for long distance towing, equipped with a large sleeper it allows our operators to haul team drivers, or to "team drive" themselves to get your unit where it needs to go faster!  But wait-theres more!  This truck can also "detach" from the tow unit to tow a trailer like any normal semi road tractor, allowing this unit to single handedly tow truck and trailer either together or separately if needed!

  • Traffic Control Devices

    T & W Towing believes in safety above all else.  We are equipped to handle traffic control on larger wrecks if needed.  Including multiple arrow boards as well as cones, and message boards, we are equipped to manage the entire scene safety if needed.  

  • Trailer Hauling Service Truck

    Equipped with every hitch you would need to pull anything-we have a Crew Cab F450 equipped with Gooseneck, Fifth Wheel, and HD Bumper Pull hitches, Air Bag Suspension, a snow plow, flood lights, and emergency lighting.  This truck is very useful in helping when someone has a break down with their horse trailer or camper and need the truck to go to a different location.

  • HD Wreckers

    Ranging from 20 ton to 50 Ton and 2 Axle to 4 Axle our HD Wreckers are equipped to handle anything from towing to major recovery.

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